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Systems Training Solutions

Are Your Systems Delivering Everything You Need?

``Just because something doesn’t do what you planned it to do doesn’t mean it’s useless.`` - Thomas Edison

Technology is essential to running an efficient and streamlined operation. But to achieve those results, your staff needs to be fully trained to leverage that technology. At Flint, we have built scenario-based, custom eLearning systems training courses for CRM and POS systems, financial planning, social selling and scheduling tools, transportation management and more. Here are two real-world examples that demonstrate how we do it.

Our Systems Training Experience

Global Package Delivery Firm


One of our recent systems training projects was with a global package delivery firm and their global rollout of a new pricing system. Flint had 3 full-time staff working onsite in the US headquarters for almost two years, which was supplemented by our in-house development team in Toronto. During this time, our team was responsible for building 124 web-based training modules, which were translated into 7 different languages, including 5-1/2 days of Instructor-led training materials and several user guides for thousands of the organization’s employees worldwide.


Professional Services Firm


A large Canadian Professional Services firm retained our services to assess the training needs of over 8,000 practitioners who were required to adopt a new mission-critical Customer Relationship Management System. Following the assessment, we designed and developed a transactional and best practice training program for all 8,000 users of this system. Our approach provided the learners with both an eLearning module as well as a Just-in-Time Learning tool.


The eLearning module was made available through their Learning Management Platform and it allowed users to work sequentially through all the procedures of the new transactional system. They included demonstrations of each step and exercises for learners to try the steps themselves.


The Just-in-Time learning tool was to retain the learning and was deployed to the desktop as a reference for after the training. It enabled learners to see all the operations they may need to perform in the system on a single page and select the specific one they needed a refresher on.


Our Systems Training Approach


For systems simulations, we follow a “Tell Me”, “Show Me”, “Let Me” approach.

1. Tell Me

“Tell Me” appeals to the visual learner who perhaps knows the information, but just needs a quick reminder.

2. Show Me

Show Me provides learners with a mini animated scenario that demonstrates someone completing the operation. Adults learn best when they can use the information to solve problems rather than simply learning theory. This approach appeals more to visual, auditory learners. Just because a learner has watched a scenario, doesn’t mean that they can repeat the operation on their own.

3. Let Me

Let Me provides a simulated exercise enabling the learner to try the operation. If an error is made, a hint is offered. This approach appeals to the kinesthetic learner or someone who learns through doing. Again, this method of training supports the adult learning principle that adults learn best when they are challenged to solve problems rather than learning disconnected information. The Let Me exercise includes evaluations, gamification elements, as well as case studies and scenarios that take learners through a day in the life of the employee.


Knowledge Transfer and Retention


One of the ways that we increase the transfer and retention of knowledge is by building supplementary quick reference tools (QRTs) that enable learners to find just the right nugget of learning they need, when they need it, and delivered how they need it. We build the initial system simulations using discrete objects that can be reconfigured into an off-LMS Quick Reference Tool for easy access.


After making significant investments in your systems, don’t forget the most important component of those systems – your people! Ensure they get the training they deserve to fully leverage those systems and help your organization achieve the results you need.

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