Leadership Training
Leadership Training

Leadership Training Case Study

Leadership Training Case Study:

Executive Summary:


After an employee engagement survey, this leading Canadian logistics organization uncovered competency gaps amongst their managers. By using a flexible, blended-learning approach, Flint was able to design and develop a Leadership Development Program from the ground up to transform their managers into leaders. Here’s how we did it.


The Leadership Program:


After a thorough consultancy and learning assessment, Flint outlined a flexible, blended-learning solution that included pre-class eLearning modules, in-class interactive workshops, followed by on-the-job knowledge-transfer activities. The result was a fresh, practical, sustainable and engaging learning solution that would drive application and retention and achieve the organization’s objective of transforming managers into leaders.


Watch the video and see how the need was uncovered.


The program consists of 10 days of classroom training divided into three phases:

  • Manage Self (3 days)
  • Lead Others (4 days)
  • Embrace Change (3 days)


To reinforce the learning, each phase consisted of the following three components:

In-Class Learning


With pre-class work completed, valuable classroom time is used to practice concepts instead of just explaining the theory. With everyone coming into the class on the same page, learning progresses rapidly.


After each day, the learner is challenged by the instructor to reflect on the key learning points and decide on the one or two areas that they will focus on. The learner is then given credit for completing the day once they have entered their focus areas into the system. Last, they can evaluate the program through their smartphone. This drives information into our system so that we can report it to the customer.


Watch the video for an in-class look at the training experience.

Self-Study Preparation


Each phase of this leadership training is preceded by a self-study preparation time to prepare participants for the classroom training by completing eLearning modules. The interactive modules prompt the learner to reflect on certain concepts and input their thoughts and ideas. Flint’s hosting system then takes the learner’s inputs and pushes them into the learner’s classroom materials.


Post-Course Knowledge Transfer


At the end of each phase, the learner is presented with a Transfer of Knowledge (TOK) assignment. This involves developing an implementation plan on one or two areas of focus and collaborating with their manager on the plan. The system automatically notifies the learner’s manager about the areas of focus and provides coaching tips to enable them to collaborate on the TOK exercise with the learner. The collaboration ends with a debrief and updating the system with the learner’s areas of focus for improvement. To keep the learning going, the system collects the focus areas and drips micro-learning vignettes to the learner to support their ongoing development.

Results of the Leadership Training

Early quantifiable results include Level 1 evaluation for the program showing 94% participant satisfaction with the quality of the learning material, its relevance to their roles, and its benefits for the workplace.


Since implementation, the program has brought about highly successful results, including:

  • Tens of Millions of dollars in savings and revenue generation
  • 15% reduction in labour grievances
  • Notable increases in Net Promoter Scores
  • Reduced Health & Safety incidents
  • Increased positive Employee Performance Review results


Watch the video and hear the learners describe the impact of the training!

Manager Testimonials

The managers of participants played a significant role in supporting their learners’ journeys through on-going coaching and feedback. Their testimonials highlighted the impact and benefits they observed. Below are a few examples of the testimonials provided.


“Anita now has the confidence to dig into the root causes and work with her team to create a joint plan of success. Her team has responded well to the coaching and it has made a true difference to their employee satisfaction.”


“Stacey has a better understanding of herself as a leader, her team’s individual motivations, and has addressed difficult personnel issues on her team, which has resulted in improved engagement and a positive team dynamic.”


“Kevin has benefitted by gaining insight into his EI and focusing on increasing his Self-Regard. He is also building strong relationships with his team and driving higher levels of confidence and job satisfaction. Awesome job by the company for offering this type of training.”

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Brandon Hall 2020 Gold Excellence In Learning & Leadership Awards:

Best Advance in Leadership Development

Best Advance in Leadership Development

Best Unique or Innovative Leadership Development Program

Best Unique or Innovative Leadership Development Program

Best Unique or Innovative Learning and Development Program

Best Unique or Innovative Learning and Development Program

Best Use of Blended Learning

Best Use of Blended Learning

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Winner – Three I4PL 2019 Awards of Excellence:

  • Designing Learning Experiences
  • Applied Innovation
  • Learner Impact