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Can Your Managers Lead?


One of the main challenges organizations face with Leadership training programs is time to benefit. Learning often fails because it doesn’t ever become more than theory. Until someone applies it in the real world, learning stays in the category of knowledge – unless the learner actually applies it on the job. But application of learning often happens too long after the training is received and therefore is not as proficient as it could be.


So what is the answer?


Mentager is the solution – increasing time to proficiency through phased learning, mentoring, action plans, feedback and on-the-job transfer of knowledge activities.

How does your leadership training measure up?


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Together we can create a repeatable and sustainable Leadership Development solution for years to come. The program EVOLVES with your needs.

``Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other`` - John F. Kennedy

Faced with constant change and demands to remain competitive, organizations need managers who can effectively inspire, motivate and lead their teams. As such, they represent a significant opportunity to increase productivity. Yet, not all managers are leaders. And not all organizations are equipped to develop leaders.

Our Approach to Leadership Development

Mentager is a truly experiential Leadership Development program that not only reduces time to effectiveness, but also provides an on-ramp to a life-long learning process. Here are some of the key features and benefits you will receive:

  • It provides a turn-key learning experience
  • It is delivered in three phases: Managing Yourself, Leading Others, Managing Change
  • Modules can accommodate your existing content
  • The effectiveness and value of classroom time is maximized through eLearning pre-work
  • Mentor-guided, Transfer-of-Knowledge exercises punctuate the learning with on-the-job application
  • Targeted micro-learning and retention tools ensures maximum application and retention

Mentager is Based On:


  • 70% Experiential Learning
  • 20% Social Learning
  • 10% Formal Learning
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Leadership Training Results


Clients who have implemented the Mentager Leadership Development program have reported +95% return on employee expectations, organizational gains in employee satisfaction scores, decreased complaints and grievances, decreased workplace safety incidents, higher employee engagement scores and increased revenue through cost-savings and revenue generation in just one year following the program.

Leadership Training Case Study



Discover how we helped a leading Canadian logistics organization transform their managers into leaders by using the flexible, blended-learning Mentager approach. Here’s how we designed and developed their Leadership Development Program from the ground up. View the Case Study >

Discover how our unique Integrated Learning Platform delivers real measurable results and ROI.

Brandon Hall 2020 Gold Excellence In Learning & Leadership Awards

Best Advance in Leadership Development

Best Advance in Leadership Development

Best Unique or Innovative Leadership Development Program

Best Unique or Innovative Leadership Development Program

Best Unique or Innovative Learning and Development Program

Best Unique or Innovative Learning and Development Program

Best Use of Blended Learning

Best Use of Blended Learning