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Compliance Training Case Study

Compliance Training Case Study

Corporate Compliance Training Case Study

Executive Summary:


Over the past three years, we have designed and developed custom compliance training courses for 90,000 employees at a major financial services organization. The responsive courses we’ve rolled out are in three languages across two separate learning management systems. Here is how we engaged all learners through our interactive content.


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The Compliance Program:


The content contained approximately 175 files; however, to ensure the training delivered was relevant to each employee, we created a unique learning experience based upon our KDF (Know, Do, Find) methodology. Here is how we delivered the content:


  • Engagement. Each compliance course debuted with a short emotional video that appealed to the learners’ intrinsic motivation and helped them understand “what’s in it for them”.
  • Relevance. The content consisted of videos and drill-down content that enabled learners to choose their own specific learning path.
  • Application. Role-based scenarios had learners solving actual problems that allowed them to immediately apply what they had learned. The result was a successful knowledge transfer and retention of that knowledge.


Here are the key quantifiable measures we received from this course:

  • Of 90,000 participants, there were fewer than 20 call centre inquiries (related to difficulties accessing the course)
  • 40-50% completion was reported within the first week
  • In 2017, completion rates were near 100%


Learner feedback included the following comments:


“Way better format…LOVED, LOVED, LOVED…How someone narrowed down the info onto 3 or 4 pages…BRILLIANT!”


“Very effective experience and I appreciate that the questions are scenario-based. It seems the Bank is more interested in the employees grasping the content and the concepts as opposed to just passing the course, which is very good.”


“I find these courses a good mix of different learning style mediums. They are an appropriate length and are easy to navigate and understand.”


“Very clear and concise information provided in a user-friendly format.”

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