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Corporate Compliance Training

Corporate Compliance Training

Improving Compliance Training Efficiency


We Specialize in Expert Compliance Training using a Modern Approach


Discover how we can refine, synthesize and deliver your regulatory content through real-life scenarios that will keep your learners engaged and motivated.

``In 2016, banks paid an excess of $42 billion in fees for non-compliance infractions`` - Duff & Phelps’ fifth annual Global Regulatory Outlook report

As rules and regulations increasingly permeate all areas of the corporate world, organizations need the assurance that their employees can perform their work safely and efficiently while following all the latest regulations. If compliance is overlooked, there can be a tremendous financial and reputational risk.

Our Approach to Compliance Training


While organizations recognize the need for training, the challenge they face is keeping their learners engaged and motivating them to apply their knowledge in the workplace. A check box approach to compliance training can result in learners mindlessly trudging through a course whose purpose they do not understand, merely to appease auditors.


To help organizations meet these challenges, Flint creates corporate compliance training programs that are engaging and more than just a rushed formality. We accomplish this with our unique KDF (Know -> Do -> Find) methodology which assesses actual learner needs and synthesizes extensive content in a way that efficiently achieves learning and performance objectives.

Training Results


Flint Learning Solutions has provided quality compliance training and regulatory courses to major North American financial institutions and has helped tens of thousands of employees be compliant with their organizations’ standards.


Discover how we provided custom compliance training courses to over 90,000 employees at a major Canadian financial services organization.

Discover how our unique Integrated Learning Platform delivers real measurable results and ROI.
Flint Brandon Hall Award
Flint is a proud recipient of the Brandon Hall Award for Best Advance in Compliance Training!