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Business Learning Solutions

Our Business Learning Solutions

Solving your business problems with custom learning experiences

The best assessment, development and delivery methods are only as strong as the content we provide. Here’s how we solve your business challenges with the right learning solution.

Since 2012, we have helped leading financial, retail, delivery and IT organizations in the US and Canada solve their challenges by developing courses on a complete range of business topics. Our most in-demand business learning solutions focus on Leadership, Onboarding/Upskilling, Compliance, Sales, and Systems.


All of these business learning solutions address the two main challenges organizations struggle with; an overabundance of disorganized content and learners who have numerous priorities beyond a training course. As discussed, our powerful KDF methodology puts a laser focus on what people need to learn and synthesizes the content to reduce the time required for training. Our delivery methods put learners into real-life scenarios that motivate them to immediately apply what they have learned.


Whether your requirement is for a course on new regulatory standards, methods to reach new sales goals, leadership through changing times, reducing time to proficiency for new hires, or on a new internal system, you can be assured of a business learning solution that is engaging, relevant and sustainable. What began as an individual course, becomes a practice of lifelong, ongoing learning.


Here’s how we do it:

Our Business Learning Solutions


If compliance is overlooked, there is tremendous financial and reputational risk. However, a check box approach to compliance training can result in learners mindlessly trudging through a course for which they don't understand the purpose, merely to appease auditors. Our award-winning process to synthesize and refine the content, combined with presenting it through real-life scenarios, will keep your learners engaged and motivated.

Flint is a proud recipient of the Brandon Hall Award for Best Advance in Compliance Training!


The Flint Leadership Development Program, Mentager is a flexible, blended learning program that consists of three phases: Manage Self, Lead Others, and Embrace Change. Each phase is comprised of pre-class eLearning modules, in-class interactive workshops, followed by on-the-job knowledge-transfer activities. Our Sustainment System reinforces the continuation of learning well beyond this program and supports ongoing development.

Discover how our Learning Experience Platform can deliver a guaranteed return on your Leadership training investment.


Our customers are always looking for ways to increase efficiency and achieve a competitive advantage. One of the ways they do this is by streamlining and automating their business processes using systems technologies. Our custom systems eLearning programs, such as CRM systems, POS systems, Financial Planning tools, Social Selling tools, Scheduling tools, Transportation Management and more, have helped some of the world's largest companies achieve much needed efficiency and competitive advantage.


We have helped some of the world’s largest companies maintain their competitive advantage by reinforcing their ability to apply consultative selling techniques in their sales process. We accomplish this with custom developed, interactive and engaging eLearning scenarios. These scenarios integrate into the sales person’s daily tasks and put them into realistic sales situations. They are challenged to make decisions and are then given feedback on how they can improve.

In addition to being a leader in providing business learning solutions on Compliance, Leadership, Sales & Systems, we can also create training for your staff in the following areas:


  • New employee/Onboarding programs
  • Job-specific/role training
  • Health and safety programs
  • Re-skilling/Up-skilling training
  • Training program refresh
  • Converting ILT /facilitated training to eLearning
  • Converting FLASH training content to HTML5
  • Refresher training
Discover how our unique Integrated Learning Platform delivers real measurable results and ROI.


Brandon Hall 2020 gold excellence in learning awards
i4pl awards
Flint Brandon Hall Award
4 Brandon Hall 2020 Gold Awards of Excellence – Blended learning, 2x Leadership Development, Learning & Development
Winner - Three I4PL 2019 Awards of Excellence - Designing Learning Experiences; Applied Innovation; and Learner Impact.
Flint is a proud recipient of the 2017 Brandon Hall Award for Best Advance in Compliance Training!