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Mentager - Generating Productivity Through Competency

The Challenge


Employees of Fortune 1000 companies spend on average over 100 hours per year on corporate training. That’s almost 7 million hours per year!


We all know that knowledge is a prerequisite to productivity: that’s why we invest in it. But productivity only happens when knowledge is applied in the real world. Application usually happens not through conventional training programs but through informal on-the-job, real-world activities.

But what would happen to productivity if this informal, on-the-job training process were to disappear? We’re already seeing the effects. This new virtual, distanced work environment thanks to the pandemic, has largely eliminated the informal training process.


Employees’ time is limited, resources are constrained and navigating the virtual learning landscape can be difficult. How do you enculturate new employees in a virtual environment? How do you replace those quick, on-the-job learning opportunities that happened so naturally when people worked together? How do you ensure that learning is effectively applied on the job? How do you create accountability and provide encouragement and support? And most importantly, how do you measure behavioural change and correlate it to productivity gains?

In 2020, Flint launched a comprehensive, integrated learning sustainment solution. Mentager replaces informal processes with structured, on-the-job learning by providing each employee with a custom learning path integrating real world exercises, structured coaching interactions, and targeted microlearning to enable rapid, targeted learning and competency in less time.

Quick Facts: The Mentager Advantage

  • Web-based integrated learning sustainment tool, driving measurable results with a process, structure, and accountability
  • Pairs formal training with real-world application, microlearning, on-the-job learning, and feedback from managers and mentors, resulting in employees developing competency sooner and in a manner that is ultimately transformational for the organization
  • Reduces speed to contribution by making it practical for managers and mentors to actively coach learners in real-world, on-the-job-activities – even in a virtual environment
  • Structured and seamless manager integration with real-time updates and instant messaging features

How does it work?

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Mentager is more than a typical learning experience platform – it allows you to create custom learning paths based on a pre-assessment with your learners. This assessment measures competency rather than knowledge in order to identify gaps, and enables building a customized, adaptive program that will motivate, engage, and support your learners, and support your business priorities.

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Accountability, collaboration, and communication between the learner and their manager or mentor flows throughout the learning process. This way, mentors and learners maintain open dialogue to foster on-the-job learning opportunities.

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Mentager enables you to convert knowledge and skill into competencies through targeted real-world activities. Learning and performance improvements occur simultaneously, enabling the business to immediately and more effectively optimize its investment in the team.

Discover the possibilities the Mentager Learning Sustainment Solution delivers to close knowledge gaps and drive measurable outcomes. Contact us for a free demo.


Brandon Hall 2020 gold excellence in learning awards
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4 Brandon Hall 2020 Gold Awards of Excellence – Blended learning, 2x Leadership Development, Learning & Development
Winner - Three I4PL 2019 Awards of Excellence - Designing Learning Experiences; Applied Innovation; and Learner Impact.