Your training needs assessment
Your Training Needs Assessment

Your Training Needs Assessment

Getting to the heart of your learning requirement

Our Personal Investment In Your Success


Latte? Espresso? Cappuccino? Americano? A skinny caramel macchiato with an extra shot of espresso? Coffee options have come a long way from just cream or sugar.


At Flint, we recognize that each organization’s development needs are as unique as your next coffee order. To match your requirements with the right solution, our training needs assessment methodology gets to the heart of the issue and delivers a solution that aligns with your entire business. This initial process is our personal investment in your success.

developing training like that perfect cup of coffee

How we conduct your training needs assessment

We work closely with all your stakeholders

Our goal is to align ourselves with your business and quickly get to the core of the real issue. By immersing ourselves in your operations, we are able to gain consensus among stakeholders on the right content and the best learning experience to convey that content. By collaborating with your subject matter experts, we are able to collectively come up with the best ideas and get the business to take ownership of the solution. The result is a streamlined approval process. Our clients frequently comment on our ability to facilitate meetings with multiple stakeholders and insightfully achieve consensus.

We ensure the proposed solution harmonizes with all your training activities

We believe that no one training solution stands on its own but is part of an overall learning and development plan made up of multiple pieces. When assessing your needs, we look for opportunities to synthesize all these pieces, eliminate any redundancy and deliver a new creative vision to develop your staff.

We gauge the relevance of all proposed content using our Know-Do-Find (KDF) methodology

Developing an engaging learning experience requires a methodology to assess needs and synthesize extensive content in a way that achieves learning and performance objectives efficiently and effectively.

learn what you need to know

Know –

Adults learn best when they understand the relevance of what they are learning.

learn by doing

Do –

Adults learn best when they can learn through solving relevant and realistic problems.

find what you need

Find –

Adults learn best when they are given choice about what content they need.

We recognize that no one wants to wait too long for their order. Once we’ve completed our initial interactive whiteboarding session with you, we map out a prototype of our creative vision. We accomplish this with a structured discovery process that efficiently uncovers all the content your solution needs. This enables us to get to the deployment phase as quickly as possible.


Learn how we bring this creative vision to life with our Agile design methodology.

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