Designing your Training Solution
Designing & Developing your Training Solution

Designing & Developing Your Training Solution

Bringing your vision to life

Once our assessment process has painted a picture of your learning experience, our next step is to bring that vision to life in a way that engages and inspires your team. If the first time you see your solution is when the finished product is presented, that’s too late.

Our Agile course development methodology involves you right from the beginning.


At Flint, we believe that an engaging learning experience cannot be developed in a vacuum. To involve you in each step of the process, we deploy an Agile course development methodology. Instead of deploying a static, waterfall approach, our Agile approach relies on your collaboration and feedback through each step.


The first step is creating a working prototype of what the final experience will look like. As development progresses, you are included in evaluations at the end of each Agile sprint to provide formative feedback from your stakeholders. This creates a collaborative space for us to discuss the quality of the iteration and uncover any issues. We then adjust, tweak and fine-tune the solution until everyone agrees we’ve achieved an unbeatable learner experience. Only then do we move on to the next sprint. The result is a more collaborative, shorter and smoother course development process that saves time and money.


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