Our Training Delivery Methods
Our Training Delivery Methods

Our Training Delivery Methods

Delivering the right training solution, the right way

Making Great Learning Experiences a part of your Daily Routine


To get your day going, that cup of coffee needs to be fresh. To kick-start the behavioural change you need, your training solution needs to be just as fresh. At Flint, we deliver that freshness through our blend of training delivery methods. We use the right technologies and techniques to deliver a learning solution that becomes part of your employees’ daily work routine.

If people know what to do, why don't they do it?

A focus of our learning solutions is motivating people to implement what they’ve learned. Employees often know what to do but circumstances can create a dilemma. To address that, we recreate these circumstances and deliver them in a relevant, engaging manner. Adults learn best by solving problems, so we recreate scenarios that put people into challenging, realistic situations. The result is a story arc — a day in the life of someone who runs into different situations and has decisions to make. This appeals to their intrinsic motivation to do what’s right and tests how well they know the content.


Corporate training is only effective if it results in a change in behaviour and transfers to the job. We do this by delivering a solution that is personal and individual, but also social, interactive and sustainable.


To ensure your entire staff can benefit from the training we develop, all solutions can be made completely accessible. We can also provide translation for your global enterprise.

Our Training Delivery Methods

Here are the training delivery methods we use to get the right solution into the hands of your learners:

Custom eLearning

Mobile, Micro Learning


Blended Learning

Video & Audio Production

Scenario-based eLearning

Off-the-Shelf Training

3D Animation

Multilingual Translation/Localization

Retention Strategy & Tools

Pre-visualization Strategy & Tools

Accessibility Tools

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