Applied Learning Frameworks – All You Need to Know

Applied learning frameworks are becoming increasingly popular within businesses. Leaders want to upskill and empower their people in innovative and productive ways. Like other industries, learning is constantly evolving, and organizations should be aware of new methodologies that have been introduced.

One of the newest ways to guide a business through impactful learning is by using applied learning frameworks.

What is an applied learning framework?

This is a framework that can be applied across various learning topics and can be adapted for a diverse user base in a controlled yet flexible way. Essentially, a learning framework is used to help guide your team through:

mentager applied learning
  • Needs Analysis
  • Assessments and Psychometrics
  • Leadership Preparation
  • Phased Learning
  • Blended Learning
  • Guided Learning
  • Results

These components occur throughout the framework but are not necessarily linear. The framework is adaptable to each learner, allowing each learner’s unique needs and goals to feed an ecosystem that, in turn, creates a learning and development plan that is customized especially for them.

Why are applied frameworks important?

When you have a fluid framework, team members are better prepared to adapt to their new roles, embrace new projects, and see the positive in change.

The framework drives a formalized way of controlling a learning program while still giving learners specialized, organizational content to learn and practice.

These applied frameworks act as a guide for businesses and can easily be adjusted and improved over time.

To learn more about how an applied learning framework can motivate and engage your learners, and guarantee a return on your expectations, ask us how Applied Learning with the Mentager Ecosystem can guarantee your return on expectations.

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