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Are you seeing a return on your training investment?


Does your current program need work to guarantee return on expectations?


In most journeys, there are many ways to get to our destination. If you don’t know where you are when you start the journey, or where you’re going, you will have no way of knowing when you have arrived.


As your learning partner, Flint Learning Solutions enhances your learning journey through our award-winning learning experience solution. We will work with you to identify your learning needs, and build a customized, adaptive program that will motivate and engage your learners, reducing time to benefit.


The Mentager Advantage


mentager logoOrganizations aren’t asking if it makes sense to, but rather, how to implement training programs. Employees’ time is limited, resources are constrained and navigating the learning landscape can be difficult. How can you maximize your employee’s attention, get them up to speed on critical skills as quickly as possible, and, most importantly, ensure that learning is effective?


The journey starts with the organization. Based on a comprehensive Needs Analysis, we clearly establish where you are and where you want to be.  Learning is driven from this baseline to ensure that learning objectives and outcomes are developed to support business priorities and show true measurable return on expectations.   


While our competitors focus on the 10% classroom experience, at Flint, we use our holistic learning approach, sustained by the Mentager ecosystem.

The Learning Challenge


corporate learning challengesStudies have shown that in order to transfer knowledge into skills, the learner must perform the new skill almost immediately. Flint’s approach is to design a learning experience that pairs course material with application, micro-learning, feedback from mentors, and on-the-job action plans, resulting in employees developing skills sooner, in a manner that’s retainable, transferable, and ultimately transformational for the organization. True workforce transformation relies on learning that translates into doing.


Everyone, from learning and development professionals to CLOs to front line managers agonize, over questions such as:

  • “When will my staff actually get to apply the skills they’ve learned?”
  • “What if they try and don’t get the desired results?”
  • “How do I measure success?”

The Mentager Results-Management Ecosystem


Mentager is a web-based application that supports our learning experience platform, driving measurable results with a process, structure, and accountability. We guarantee Return on Expectation (ROE), which drives Return on Investment (ROI).


Mentager is a platform for successfully implementing and driving learning outcomes to reduce time to proficiency. It helps engage learners, encourages persistence, and supports content mastery through assessments, eLearning, micro-learning, mentoring, coaching, and real-time application on the job.

Using our Results Management Ecosystem, we will build you a customized program that guarantees expected results. With this framework, we give learners the best chance to see the relevance, learn the skill, practice the skill, and then use it with guidance in the workplace.


Explore our interactive infographic, and beginning with a Needs Analysis, discover how the Mentager ecosystem delivers the results you need:

Applied Learning Infographic

A cloud-based system that supports the applied learning methodology through each stage of the learning journey.​

Learning needs to be connected to business goals and objectives. Assessment, transfer and measurement are key elements of any successful learning strategy. We put just as much emphasis on understanding your business and the culture it operates within as we do on understanding your company’s learning needs.

Assessments and profile instruments are used to provide insights into many aspects of an individual’s capabilities, behaviours and preferences as well as insight into team dynamics and team effectiveness. It is a holistic approach to enable the creation of learning for the whole individual and organization.

The program equips leadership with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to support learners before and after each phase of the program. By understanding the expected learning outcomes, managers of participants can be engaged at all level.

Learners meet with their managers during early stages of the process to review strengths and areas for focus and development. This helps create some positive pressure and a purposeful learner. Knowledge, skills and attitudes are discussed and entered into the system to measure guaranteed return on investment and expectations.

With an unrelenting focus on the learning transfer, the phases are highly experiential with active classroom environments focused on ‘fail first’ motivation, followed by practicing the what and how. Using the 70-20-10 rule, 90% attention is given to what happens back on the job.

Active classrooms and microlearning, together with eLearning, create blended modules that are adaptive and allow each learner to choose an individual learning path. Modules introduce topics using multimedia such as videos, interactive infographics, reflective exercises and online activities. Microlearnings are intelligently pushed to learners based on their individual needs.

Learners spend time at the end of each day doing guided reflections  and building interim action plans based on the day's learning, turning daily reflection into action.  

The Mentager Learning Experience Platform is personalized to your specific needs.


It is distributed over time through a phased approach, allowing time for learners to practice what they have learned, make positive changes, and improves retention.



Here are just some of the results clients have experienced through Flint’s learning experience framework:

  • 100% return on investment and expectations
  • Tens of millions in savings and revenue generation
  • Double digit increases in Net Promoter Score
  • Double digit reductions in likelihood of employee grievances
Learning and performance improvements occur simultaneously, enabling the business to recoup its investment immediately and more effectively.

Whether you have content or want us to create the content, our curated learning pathways help close knowledge gaps and drive measurable outcomes. Organizational learning with Mentager offers flexible options to work with your learning goals and budgets to develop the skills your business needs to compete and win!

Discover how the Mentager Learning Experience Platform delivers the results you need. Contact us here for a free demo.


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